Frequently Asked Questions

return to topDo You Take A Commission Job?

Yes,i do.

return to topI would like to commission a painting or drawing, what's my first step?

Once you have decided on your requirements you can make an order your portrait by filling the form in the online shop button.

return to topDo you work from photos or real life?

I always work from photos.

return to topCan I email images?

Yes, sending your photographs via email is the safest option, and quickest. If you are sending digital images, please send them in a JPEG format at the highest resolution.

return to topWhat size images shall I email?

Often when you email photos your email client will resize them for you. If this is the case, send only a few at a time. You can send the photos directly to ( recommended ) to insure i receive the original size photo from the camera.

return to topHow many photos should I send?

The more photographs you can send the better. I work from one main photograph for all subjects however do like to have others to refer to. If you are commissioning for a portrait, please indicate which photograph best represents your portrait, and which you would like me to work from.

return to topWhat quality of photograph do you need?

The better the quality of photograph, then the better the finished painting or drawing will be. Photographs should be clear. Photographs showing subjects in the distance aren't usually good enough to work from. Try to send photos with the highest resolution you can. I generally suggest anywhere from 200KB to 500KB. For anything less than 100 KB size, the resolution might be too low, and i may have difficulties to capture all the details.

return to topWhat are the differences between mediums?

I create portraits both in traditional and digital. For traditional i use graphite pencil,charcoal, color pencils and acrylic or oil. To help you decide why not email me your photos and i will be able to give you a professional opinion.

return to topCan I have a background?

Yes, backgrounds can be completed in all mediums.

return to topI would like two subjects in one painting. Can you work from two separate photos and combine into one?

Yes, even if you would like five or six peoples in the same portrait it will be no problem. Just tell me how you want me to combine these photos into one painting.

return to topHow Long It Will Take To Complete The Artwork?

Normally take around a weeks or 2 to complete depending on how busy i am at the time. If you need your portrait by a specific time simply let me know and i will let you know if i will be able to complete it by your requested date. Below are some of my average turn around times -

Pencil Color / Pencil Drawings - 1 - 2 weeks
Charcoal Drawings - 1 - 2 weeks
Acrylic / Oil Paintings - 2 to 18 weeks

I work on a first come first served basis.

return to topI Need It Urgently,Can I Request?

Yes! I do try to meet special dates. Please let me know as soon as possible so that i can organize my schedule.

return to topI have a special request for the artist doing my painting. How do I do that?

Don’t worry, i’ve thought about that! Once you place your order and uploaded your photos, please explain your special request.

return to topCan I see my portrait before you send it to me?

Yes. Once your painting is ready, i will email you for you to review it online. Most of my customers are happy with their first preview. But if you feel that any modifications should be made, i receive your feedback, make the requested modifications and send it back to you for confirmation. Only then it is send to you.

return to topHow much will my portrait cost?

I do not have set pricing. This is because all portraits are different and will require different amounts of time to complete based on the complexity of the drawing. To get pricing for the portrait you have in mind simply email me at

return to topWhen do I pay?

All portraits can be paid for securely in our online shop. I collect 50% deposit amount of total order price. Balance 50% has to be paid before final result or shipment of painting. Shipment will be done after customer reviewed the painting proof and accept the same.

return to topHow do I pay?

I use PayPal. For a local clients you can choose to make a funds transfer online to the bank accounts stated in the ‘Online Order’ web page, or by bank-in via atm machine to those bank accounts directly.

return to topI'm nervous about online shopping, am I protected?

Paypal has world-class security and anti fraud systems. None of your payment account details are given to me. PayPal takes care of the entire process.

return to topHow Much is Postage and Packing?

Postage worldwide started from USD35 and up depending on location and also the size and weight of your portrait.

For a local clients i will make a delivery to you directly to your own place if you are in a klang valley or simply by courier if you are outside of klang valley. A minimum charge will be add depending on the distance and the size of the artwork charges by Pos Malaysia.

return to topHow is my painting or drawing sent?

For order of digital portrait, I will send it by email. As for hardcopy portrait, I will send it by express delivery or courier. Artwork is be securely packaged either with bubble wrap or a thick board depending on the size.

return to topCan you frame my painting or drawing?

Sorry but currently available in Malaysia only. For a local customer, i would like to let you know that we use the best craftsman framer and materials and you can read more about this service in our framing section (available soon).

return to topCan I use my painting or drawing for my business, or print it for friends and family?

I retain the reproduction rights on all of my original art work. You hold the copyright on your photo that we work from, however i retain the copyright on the artwork created from that image.

If you are looking to commission a piece of artwork for business use, please contact me to discuss your options. I also provide digital printing facilities and you can order prints of your portraits at any time.

return to topWill you be displaying our painting or drawing on your web site?

Yes, the majority of my works will be displayed on the website. If clients are unhappy about their painting or drawing being displayed on the website, they must let me know in the terms form upon ordering..and i will happy to not display any of the images.

return to topMy question isn't answered on this page, what should I do?

Contact me, and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible and i will be more than happy to help.